Track Premiere: Warsenal – ‘Doomed From Birth’

Montreal-based speed metal trio Warsenal will drop their sophomore LP — and debut for Finnish powerhouse Svart — on November 15. Fans of their fellow countrymen Razor, as well as Big 4 thrash staples, need to feast their ears on Feast Your Eyes, but we’ve got a treat for your ears and eyes today in the form of the lyric video for the new track “Doomed From Birth,” and as guitarist/vocalist Mathieu Rondeau, those lyrics are deeply personal.

“This one is a really energetic and in-your-face type of song with riffs flying left and right,” says Rondeau. “It has the Warsenal madness written all over it. It was one of the first songs I wrote after Barn Burner. Even the main riff was composed before our first album was done, so you can really feel that this song is some kind of a ‘bridge’ between both albums. It’s perfect for older fans and new ones.

“On the lyrics side, this song is a very personal one, but I know it will connect with most people,” he continues. “It is about genetical diseases and conditions. My father had a cancer a few years ago and luckily he’s okay now, but, once the fear of anything bad or fatal happening to him passed, the thought that I might have it sleeping in me as well stayed. Not that I’m extremely afraid, it is life, but the really frightening part is to think that I could pass it on to my own children, eventually, and that it can keep going on and on. The fear of contracting this disease is nothing compared to the fear of giving it to someone you love especially when you have absolutely no control over that matter. So, there you go for those who say that thrash and speed metal lyrics are stupid or meaningless, we’re here to prove you otherwise, not only on this track, but on the whole album.”

Feast Your Eyes will be released on CD, LP and digital formats on November 15. For physical orders in the U.S. go to THIS LOCATION and for Europe go to THIS LOCATION. Digital orders will be available in the coming weeks.