Blast Worship: Deplete

Where they from?
Omsk, Russia. Not only is this band from Russia, they’re from Siberia! That’s like double Russia! I didn’t even know they had electricity there! Russia is by far the biggest country in the world and I feel like we don’t talk about that enough. People are always going on about “the great plains of Missouri” or some shit but what about the great plains of Russia? Those are some great plains, my friend. It’s like an ocean of land but with vodka, too. Also, Zangief was always my favorite Street Fighter II character.

What do they sound like?
Like Stimulant mixed with Despise You but from the GREAT PLAINS OF RUSSIA!

Why the hype?
I was thinking about powerviolence this past weekend (it was a Friday night) and concluded that there are four main types of PV: 1. Sped up hardcore bands like Infest, 2. Crazy bezerk spazztic blur bands like Mellow Harsher. Ignorant beatdown bands with blastbeats like Weekend Nachos, and 4. Noise-influenced artcore bands like Iron Lung. This band (from the great plains of Russia) covers three out of those four bases and does them rather well which is pretty good considering the endless sea of trite drivel that constitutes the majority of the “powerviolence” tag on Bandcamp. There are plenty of surreal, art-driven moments here that remind me very much of Iron Lung, who I consider one of the greatest powerviolence bands to ever do it, but then they hit you with some breakdowns that would make the dudes in Harm Done blush. It’s crazy to see that European bands do a genre that originated here in the United States so well.

Latest Release?
Untitled. It’s a bold move to name your album Untitled but something tells me this wasn’t done on purpose but that the band literally forgot to name this album, which would be sick. Also, although used sparingly, I think the noise element is used here extremely well, and overall adds to the listening experience rather than detract from it, which is a trap that so many young PV bands fall into. Oh, and the opening riff to the second-to-last song sounds like Helmet. I mean, isn’t this exactly what you wanted?