Blast Worship: Drugs of Faith

Live at Atlas Brew Works, by Will Cook

Where they from?
Their Bandcamp states that they are simply from Virginia, not a specific town, but just simply “Virginia.” According to this Google search I just did, the state of Virginia was named after the “virgin queen” Elizabeth I. Kind of odd that British colonizers would name an area after their leader’s inability to get laid. That’s like calling Pennsylvania “Incelvanyia” after that guy who you used to work with at Gamestop.

What do they sound like?
If Unsane got back together and decided to pepper their songs with some blast beats.

Why the hype?
Amid all of the hullabaloo of this past month (that’s right, hullabaloo!) this band released a tasty little EP that might have flown under most radars. For those not in the know, the Drugs of Faith crew have always occupied an unique space in the realm of grindcore in that their starting point is primarily noisey grunge bands from the early ’90s like Unsane and TAD, but they choose to sprinkle their musical creation with tried and true blast beats that could go toe-to-toe with contemporaries like Triac and D.O.C. The result usually makes for a pretty unmistakable sound which utilizes the contrast between their noise rock leannings and grindcore fury to maximize the intensity of both. That’s a really long way of saying that their fast parts are surprisingly intense for a band that shares more DNA with Big Black than it does Napalm Death.

Latest Release?
Decay EP from 2019. Wow, what a fun little EP we have here! From the surprisingly ignorant intro track to the dystopian swinging groove of “Nihilists.” this album really has something for everybody. Also, can we all agree that the EP is truly the best format for grindcore? Most full-lengths only contain an EP’s worth of good material anyway, and who really needs to listen to more than eight minutes of grindcore at a time? Hullabaloo!