Track Premiere: Black Beast – ‘Nocturnal Bloodlust’

Raw black metal may not mean what it used to, but Finnish black metal still means merciless and incisive excellence. Vantaa-based duo Black Beast are a model Finnish black metal band. Although the releases in their 17 year long career can be counted on one hand that’s seen a fireworks mishap or two, Black Beast attack, conquer and reign with eruptive speed and a startling heavy sound for black metal. 

The song we’re premiering today provides a perfect example of what to expect on Black Beast’s debut album, Nocturnal Bloodlust.


Writes the band: “‘Nocturnal Bloodlust’ . . . was originally supposed to [be released] as a bonus track on the Black Beast/Bloodhammer split LP. It is too good to be just an LP bonus, so we decided to include it in this album. It’s also our only song so far where you can hear some Finnish language.”

“Nocturnal Bloodlust”


Get Nocturnal Bloodlust November 8th from Primitive Reaction.