Track Premiere: Teeth – ‘Cretin’

Photo: Brandon Mavaddat

Los Angeles-based quartet Teeth made a considerable racket in the underground when their debut LP, Unremittance, was self-released in November 2014. But after a pair of splits three years ago (with Barghest and Fist, respectively), things have been relatively quiet for the death/grind/doomers. Until today, because Decibel is honored (and slightly terrified) to present “Cretin,” the first track from Teeth’s forthcoming sophomore LP, The Curse of Entropy, arriving November 29 via Translation Loss.

“The release of this record is about perseverance and pushing on in spite of all the obstacles,” guitarist/vocalist Erol Ulug tells Decibel. “This record would have already been out over a year ago, but there were line up changes, going through several artists for the cover art, having the lease on the studio where we began recording it in getting terminated during the process, apartments burning down, the list goes on. On the other hand, these very obstacles shaped the record into a work that we are extremely proud of and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

“‘Cretin” is ultimately about self-reflecting,” he continues. “The foolishness of adopting hope when we cannot ever escape time. Contentment is always temporary, futility is all encompassing. They tend to always find a path to each other.”

Pre-order The Curse of Entropy here.