Track Premiere: Atomic Cretins – ‘Spiritual Cancer’

Atomic Cretins operate in the same lane as bands like Toxic Holocaust and Midnight: ripping thrash, corrupted by black metal. The Philadelphia quartet established themselves with a pair of EPs—Too Stoned to Die and We Worship Death—but they’ve never sounded meaner than on “Spiritual Cancer,” the title track to their forthcoming EP.

The closing track on the EP, Atomic Cretins get right into it with “Spiritual Cancer,” channeling influence from the aforementioned bands into a thrashing cacophony.

“‘Spiritual Cancer’ is about how big mainstream religions like Christianity take advantage of people and commit horrible acts in the name of their god,” guitarist Hit Cunningham confirms for Decibel, in case the song title wasn’t clear enough.

Check it out below—Spiritual Cancer is out on October 26.