Track Premiere: The Lone Madman “Häxan”

The Lone Madman
Photo: Perttu Inkilä

“The new single “Häxan,” accompanied by a music video, is taken from our debut album, Let the Night Come, which will be released on October 25th 2019. With old-school atmosphere, gloomy riffing, and various other musical elements, we present an intense and catchy piece of doom metal. Inspired by the 1922 classic film, “Häxan” deals with how magic and witchcraft have been seen and misinterpreted through the ages. It shows lighter as well as darker sides of The Lone Madman’s music in one track.”

Indeed, the Finnish upstarts are presenting doom as both intense yet memorable, the kind found at the crossroads of Saint Vitus, Count Raven, and Reverend Bizarre. While most metalheads won’t be familiar with The Lone Madman, that doesn’t mean the newcomers won’t resonate with riff-lords, fuzz-priests, and drum-beards. Formed in 2014 in Helsinki, The Lone Madman have produced a single “Soul Stillborn” (2016) and an EP Dreary Task (2016) before signing over to Hesa-based label Saturnal Records (Kyy, Barathrum), who have been quietly assembling a formidable roster of next-gen metal warriors.

The Lone Madman are prepping for the October 25th release of their debut album, Let the Night Come, where they’ll out-heavy, out-doom just about anyone in their path. Sporting a killer Timo Ketola (Watain, Funeral Mist) cover and four tracks — totaling 42 hammer-to-finger minutes — of modern epic doom, The Lone Madman’s Let the Night Come should come as a much-needed companion to recent funerary bell tolls by Crypt Sermon, Isole, and Smoulder… Raise your fists to the thunder of The Lone Madman!

** The Lone Madman’s new album, Let the Night Come, is out October 25th on Saturnal Records. Pre-orders are not yet live on Saturnal’s official webstore, but keep peeking HERE to check the label’s pre-order page. Doomed and really fucking doomed!