Track Premiere: Engulf – ‘From Chasms Deep’

New Jersey-based one-man death metal machine Engulf has kept a tight schedule since releasing first EP Subsumed Atrocities in 2017. Following it with 2018’s Gold and Rust and this year’s Transcend EP, Engulf mastermind Hal Microutsicos has kept himself busy writing dissonant, intense death metal.

On “From Chasms Deep,” a track culled from Transcend, Microutsicos calls in a feature from Vitirol guitarist Kyle Rasmussen, taking the song to dizzying new heights with a cacophonous, technical guitar solo that gels seamlessly with Engulf’s twisted, dissonant riffs. Microutsicos has studied his Hate Eternal and Gorguts records and it shows on “From Chasms Deep” and throughout Transcend. 

“A continuation of the story arc introduced by the Gold and Rust EP, Transcend follows our human protagonist through an out of body experience in which he witnesses the three otherworldly entities as they travel to earth through portals unknown to execute ‘the event,'” Microutsicos tells Decibel of the EP’s themes.

Hear “From Chasms Deep” for yourself below and pre-order Transcend via Everlasting Spew. The EP is out on September 20.