Track Premiere: Sinking the Yacht (Rock) with Seizures’ “Toxophola”

Hailing from crispy California, Seizures warps the melodic mathiness of latter day Dillinger Escape Plan around a shimmery wall comprised of alternating bricks of dark blazer-wearing fusion and ironically bearded post-rock. With a healthy discography of full-lengths and splits, the Orange County alchemists have been shaking the sonic snow globe for nine years and next week the quintet – guitarists Albert Navarro and Nathan Najera, bassist Buddy Porter, drummer Cory Blaine and vocalist Cameron Miller – welcomes its fourth full-length, Reverie of the Revolving Diamond, into the public purview.

The album has been described as “a musical narrative of a fictitious place…in the spirit of something like synesthesia, each track has a different mood, color scheme and location in said place transitioning into the next,” and as such we are pleased to present a little taste of it this morning – a song called “Toxophola,” a track that features Keith Barney of 18 Visions and Throwdown fame which Navarro describes as such:

“‘Toxophola’ is where the record transitions into a much darker territory. With an array of murky, discordant and odd metered riffs, the piece reestablishes it’s purchase on the chaotic realm leaving the listener with a feeling of eerie unresolve. Lyrical content follows suit with personal themes mirroring the song’s general tone. Keith was hanging out on some of the sessions and we wanted him to be a part of it.” – Albert Navarro

Reverie of the Revolving Diamond is set for release on October 4th on LP via the band’s own Sun Terrance imprint and on cassette via Portrayal of Guilt. There are limited quantities, so get cracking on those links if the interest bug bites. Also know that in addition to Barney’s guest spot, an appearance is also made by smooth jazz and fusion bassist/producer, Vernon Porter (Kenny Loggins, Michael Macdonald, Better Midler, Full Moon, Above the Clouds) who we can only assume got involved because his of bass slinging son Buddy and an open, supportive mind for his sprog’s endeavors.

[*photo by Katy Viola]