Full Album Stream: Imperium Dekadenz – “When We Are Forgotten”

If you like black metal with a rich and evocative atmosphere, but that still has the capacity for speed and power, then the new album from Germany’s Imperium Dekadenz should be your soundtrack for autumn 2019. When We Are Forgotten arrives tomorrow via Napalm Records, but you can stream the entire album below. Dive into the mist, fog and flames on songs like the epic “Frozen in Time” and the ferocious “Absenz Elysium.”

There is a massive wave of German black metal flooding the metal landscape in 2019: Schattenfall, Ferndal, Der Rote Milan and many others. While Imperium Dekadenz plays a similar style to many of these bands, they bring a longer track record of creative experience (forming in 2004), and this new album is a significant step forward for the band in terms of riffs, memorability and song structure.

The band’s vocalist, Horaz had the following to say about the new album’s themes and inspirations:

Discover your inner darkness and you will find clarity. When We Are Forgotten is not a concept album, but a gallery of paintings giving a view into our hearts and thoughts. Moving away from the historical stages we usually use, we’ve created an intimate and atmospheric work that reflects the phase of our maturation and the progress of our passion: Imperium Dekadenz.

A wealth of darkness and clarity can indeed be found below, and can be pre-order here now.