Track Premiere: Sorxe – ‘Dependence Day’

Photo: Jason Cakebread

In November of 2017, Decibel streamed Matter & Void, the sophomore effort from Southwestern sludge outfit Sorxe. Picking up where that left off, Decibel and Sorxe have teamed up to premiere new single “Dependence Day,” the first from their Prosthetic-bound third album, The Ark Burner. 

Sorxe still have an obvious love for acts like Neurosis, Swans and Melvins, but their psychedelic and atmospheric tendencies are more pronounced on “Dependence Day.” The song is a sprawling, mood-changing slab that lumbers between max-volume heaviness and moodier, more exploratory sections.

“‘Dependence Day’ is the first song we wrote in full for this album,” explains guitarist/vocalist Tanner Crace. “It’s basically about the currently state of the union as I see it. The massive imbalance of power and wealth distribution. It’s about how the struggling majority in America are living outside their means racking up debt and how social media advertising plays into that control. You know—how we can get complacent with consumerism and material wants.

“Musically we pretty much improvised the entire song a few years ago and have been playing this one out live for a while now. The structure of the song is a bit different for us and stands out on this album as it’s one of the faster/ nastier songs at the beginning, then it goes to full on meditative drone doom that feels very oppressive then uplifting.”

The Ark Burner is out on October 11 via Prosthetic, but you can listen to “Dependence Day” now.