Full Album Stream: Sorxe – “Matter & Void”

Phoenix, Arizona’s Sorxe are into bands like Neurosis, Swans and Melvins, but they’re also into bands like Pink Floyd, and it shows on their second full-length effort, Matter & Void. The group are still crushingly heavy, but they also move in other, lighter directions that ultimately allows the heaviness to hit harder.

“This album is really the culmination of our lives from late 2014 up to the end of 2016 when we finished the tracking and mix with Matt Bayles,” guitarist/vocalist Tanner Crace says. “We have blood, sweat and tears in this record and we think people who listen, and really pay attention over multiple listens will be able to hear that. It feels like a natural next step for us and nothing was forced. It was a very organic process overall.”

“Personally it’s been a very transforming experience to find my sound for this album and this band moving forward,” adds bassist Christopher Coons. “It’s very liberating to be able to sweep in and out of the groove and experiment.”

Matter & Void is out November 24 via Prosthetic.