Video Premiere: Kennedy – “Blood & Soil”

Canadian hardcore collective Kennedy have been instigating pits with musical protests since they formed back in 2012. Now it’s been 4 years since their last LP The Guilty Poor blended Under the Running Board-era Dillinger Escape Plan chaos with disarming melody. But unlike old cuts like “Brave New World,” their new single “Blood & Soil” doesn’t offer any reprieve or sanctuary from the aggression. Known for the raw energy of their live performances, Kennedy are celebrating their new track with a kinetic video directed by Nick Pegg of Hashtag Hope.

Frantically cutting between sweat-drenched live performances and footage you could archive under “police brutality’s greatest hits,” the song’s a blunt instrument challenging oppression and excessive force. Kennedy use found footage and the haunting rasp of “I can’t breathe” to make sure our collective memory doesn’t erase the streaming images. In essence, the song is a mid-breakdown middle finger to injustice and intimidation. After the cameraman’s enthusiastic thumbs up of approval, the throat-scraping plea “Hands up, don’t shoot” carries the song to it’s final black frame.

Press play below and get as close to Kennedy’s raucous live shows as you can get without being kicked by stage-divers in the front row.

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