Track Premiere: Agenda – ‘Life Left Behind’

It’s no big secret that Decibel has soft-spot for Disfear-inspired D-beatdowns. So, the fact that Norwegian punk metallers Agenda provide us with all the feels of the sledge hammer to both the gut and the face, respectively, isn’t surprising. What is, however, is how much style and personality they bring to a sub-genre that traditionally offers so little room for sonic variation. That’s a long-ass way of saying that Agenda have their own thing going on. You can check it out — as well as their uncompromising fashion sense — in the video for their crawling crusher “Life Left Behind,” taken from their forthcoming Apocalyptic Wasteland Blues LP, right here.

Apocalyptic Wasteland Blues is out of Fysisk Format on August 23 but you can — and should — preorder a copy of it right here.