Gulch Deliver Hardcore ‘Self-Inflicted Mental Terror’

In the three years that Santa Cruz hardcore unit Gulch have been releasing music, the quintet become one of the most vicious and interesting bands in their genre. Their recent EP, Burning Desire to Draw Last Breath, is a whirlwind of metallic hardcore with a blackened edge.

Songs like “Flesh Pursuit” are a burst of angry, fast, stomping hardcore, balanced out throughout the EP by pummeling breakdowns and blackened shrieks. Gulch followed up Burning Desire to Draw Last Breath with last month’s 2019 Promo.

Clocking in at a quick two tracks, the promo sees the band continue their metallic approach to hardcore, doubling down on the dark lyrical approach to topics like mental illness.

Gulch hit the road for a short tour next month with Hands of God and Drain.