Track Premiere: Black Cilice – ‘Maze of Spirits’

The Portuguese black metal phantom known as Black Cilice released their first demo tape back in 2009. Then, for the better part of ten years, Black Cilice prolifically cast obscure curses into the world in the form of demos, 7”s and the occasional LP. In 2015, Black Cilice began working with the German label, Iron Bonehead. The three most recent Black Cilice releases were thus widely available to anyone who sought them, and, in turn, as if feeding off the power of their audience, the three most recent Black Cilice releases have also been among their best material. At the same time, the artist behind the Black Cilice remains utterly recondite. 

Today we have the pleasure of revealing a new Black Cilice track to you. From Transfixion of Spirits, their fifth album to date, this is . . . 

“Maze of Spirits”


Get Transfixion of Spirits September 6th on CD, cassette and 12” vinyl LP from Iron Bonehead.