Track Premiere: Polemicist – ‘On Redemption’

Philadelphia black/death newcomers Polemicist will take you on a philosophical journey with their debut album, Zarathustrian Impressions. Recalling the speed and style of seminal black metal acts like Immortal and Satyricon, each song is raw and chilling; take fifth song “On Redemption” as an example.

“This album is based on books II and III of Nietzsche’s monolith Thus Spoke Zarathustra,” explains guitarist/vocalist Josiah Domico. “Today’s featured track is based on the aphorism of the same name (Book 2, Aphorism/Chapter 20). The track starts out with a direct quote: ‘To redeem what is past and to transform every it was into thus would I have it–that alone do I call redemption!’

“The ideas like overcoming and becoming who you are that Nietzsche espoused applies directly to our experiences as musicians in a band. This music was demanding to write and can be demanding to play. Despite all the hardships we as musicians face, we press on, against an indifferent world and create our own meaning through music. Amor Fati.”

Polemicist’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra is out on August 30 via Fólkvangr.

Show dates:
07/26 – Ortlieb’s, Philadelphia, PA
07/27 – Championship Bar, Trenton, NJ
08/31 – Century Bar, Philadelphia, PA