Full Album Stream + Interview: Sekkusu – “Satyrömania”

Sekkusu formed in 2015 and promptly set to terrorizing Detroit and beyond with their metal punk aggression. The Motör City trio slay a sound that’s a mix of crust, death thrash, hardcore punk, Japanese hardcore, and speed metal. It’s dystopian metal, as if composed from whatever scraps of the old genres were meanest and toughest to have survived the fallout. They call it Wild Spirit Metal Punk. 

This Friday, Sekkusu will release their debut full length, Satyrömania on CD, vinyl LP and cassette tape formats. All three formats are now available for pre-order. While you wreck your neck and lose your mind to this full stream of Satyrömania, read on to get the inside scoop straight from Sekkusu bassist/frontman Leather Intruder on the full length, as well as details on the trio’s upcoming US tour.



First of all, talk to me about this awesome portmanteau that is the record title. How did you come up with Satyrömania, and how does it capture your sound on this record? 

[Satyrömania] represents our music through our obsession with the barrier between life and death; Sex. The repression of this taboo still causes man to internalize his animal nature, leading to degeneration. You can see these themes in the album artwork, namely that the thought of lust spirals out of control and warps into other perversions of instinct like war, greed and tyranny.


Who’s behind the amazing artwork? It’s amazing! How does your initial vision compare to this final product? 

Adam Kindred (@archaicfilth) did the artwork. He’s an insanely talented Canadian illustrator. The imagery for the album cover came to me while tripping last summer. I was sitting in my room in the dark and just imagined myself as this skeletal figure atop this throne. I had all of these thoughts pouring from my mind and I could feel myself rotting. The vision on the cover mimics that experience. It represents the chaos of the human subconscious and the concept of Todestrieb; man’s endless self-destructive quest for death. Luckily, Adam was really easy to work with. It’s almost like he managed to take the image right out of my mind. I provided him with some references but ultimately he managed to nail the vibe effortlessly.


Satyrömania was recorded at Mt. Doom, according to the liner notes. Where is Mt. Doom, and did you produce the record yourselves?

Mt. Doom is a studio run here in Detroit by our friend Vince. He did the mixing and mastering himself but I oversaw the mixing process as well as all of the field recordings that are hiding under the tracks. He’s a great person to work with because he loves metal music and he isn’t afraid of experimentation. I think we managed to track everything in under 13 hours.


Sekkusu formed in 2015, in a shitty world that’s gone even further to shit since. How has this inspired or altered the mission of Sekkusu? How has Sekkusu changed (or not) since your inception, and how is this represented on your debut full length?

We are a band that is about absolute instinctual chaos. Everything is shot from the hip and is as mean spirited as possible. Slash The Pose saw us evolving more as a unit. You can hear a lot more of our early extreme metal influence peaking through on songs like “Drago” and “M.P.D.S.” Satyrömania documents a particularly dark period in our lives. We tried to harness our collective ordeal into something that reverberated with the absolute insanity of that time in our lives and what it took to get through it. Above all it is about maintaining the Wild Spirit. 


Will there be a release show, or was there? And what’s up with the upcoming tour?

There may or may not be a secret release show. As of now, complications with pressing have held things up a bit but if and when it happens it’ll be here in Motör City at Castle Nightbeast.

So far we only have two small tours planned in support of the record. In September we’ll be going out to the East Coast ( 9/19 – Pittsburgh,PA -TBA-, 9/20 Necrofest in Brooklyn, NY, 9/21 Philadelphia, PA -TBA- , 9/22 D.C. -TBA-). 

At the end of October, we’ll be going off with the splatter punk madmen in Fuckin Basterd for a run through the South (10/21 Cincinatti, OH , 10/22 Asheville, NC , 10/23 Atlanta, GA , 10/24 Birmingham, AL, 10/25 New Orleans, LA , 10/26 New Orleans, LA , 10/27 Nasheville, TN , 10/28 Lexington, KY). 

We are always trying to help other people unleash their truly Wild Spirit.  In a world where lies are everywhere, look for the truth that burns in YOU!