Wreck and Reference Make the Old “In and Out” New Again

At the beginning of this horrible decade, a German meme coined the term “feels”, and in the ensuing years, people began using the expression “all the feels” as shorthand for overwhelming positive emotion. Very, very stupid people. Yet, much the same way L.A. experimental duo Wreck and Reference recontextualize samples, synth croaks and (increasingly rarely) more conventional live instruments to create their own deliriously fucked extreme music, we can recontextualize “all the feels” to better describe the listening experience. That is to say, swells of passion in all the wrong places.

Such is the case on their fourth full-length, Absolute Still Life, due out on the Flenser July 19. Felix Skinner and Ignat Frege have already shared the gutting one-two punch of  “A Mirror” and “Sturdy Dawn” and today we’re proud to bring you third “single” “What Goes in and Comes Out.” A more subdued, yet equally hypnotic track from the ever-unpredictable duo, it precedes more familiarly aggressive tracks like “What Is a Gift” and “In Uniform” on the album. But stripped of that context, it will still make you (ahem) feel a great many things. After all, according to Skinner, “This song is about anxiety, the impending end of the world, childhood trauma, body horror, capital, celibacy, sleep, spirituality, memory and smoking.”

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