Full Album Stream: Hexeth – “The Hexeth”

“As a project, Hexeth was started out of the desire to create painful music,” reflects our old friend, C. Bergaby the sole creator of the madness that is Hexeth. “Naturally, this idea shifted and formed over time to become an all-encompassing outlet and way of exploring the depths of pain.”

Thirteen months ago, Demo:listen had the pleasure of debuting Hexeth’s self-titled demo. Hexeth then released two splits and a follow-up EP entitled Mutliverse, spreading through the underground like so many tentacles, all unfurling from a massive, powerful darkness. In keeping with the band’s relentlessly unpredictable nature, Bergaby says that this is Hexeth at its most introspective. 

“This album in particular (The Hexeth) explores those torturous depths [of pain] in their entirety, unlike any other Hexeth release. Whereas previous albums take on a more cohesive story and narrative, ‘The Hexeth’ breaks from this format in order to focus solely on exploring the depths of the psyche.” 

The Hexeth


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