Crypt Sermon Hands Over the Keys to Solomon’s Gate

Among the growing horde of neo-classical heavy metal and doom bands, one name stands out as one of the best: Crypt Sermon. The band combines excellent riffs, evocative storytelling, dynamic compositions, and soaring yet balanced vocals to craft some truly haunting music. And while 2015’s Out of the Garden was a solid and promising debut, the band has ascended to a higher throne on The Ruins of Fading Light.

Like on the previous album, this one features striking and inspired artwork that perfectly reflects the album’s core themes. According to to singer and bassist Brooks Wilson:

“The art for the ruins of fading light provide the backdrop for the themes of the album. A small group of robed figures lays to rest a Rosicrucian casket draped in a Templar flag. Thematically we have moved through the middle ages into the Renaissance. The lyrics reflect existential angst as we then, just as now, face an epoch of faith.”

The shifting of cultures, faiths and power centers that took place in the 1300s through the 1500s is a fascinating subject on its own, and is the ideal subject matter for the band’s intoxicating brew of Candlemass/Trouble-style doom. I might be a little biased, having just finished The Templars by Dan Jones and The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco. But even so, any heavy metal band that can create music that incites pondering and reflection of grand historical subjects (without being cheesy!) deserves the utmost respect.

So check out “Key of Solomon” below, and get ready for the full album on September 13 via Dark Descent.