Track Premiere: Excuse – ‘Blade of the Antichrist’

Based in Helsinki, Excuse formed back in 2009, released their demo four years later. Now two EPs, a 4-way split, and a compilation later, and the Finnish thrashers are finally set to release a proper full length. Titled Prophets from the Occultic Cosmos, Excuse’s debut full length fulfills the promise of their early material, while simultaneously propelling the band beyond even their most devout fans’ expectations. 

Recorded at Black Floyd’s Analog Studio with Tapio Lapistö (see also Swallowed’s Lunarterial), Prophets from the Occultic Cosmos counts six tracks of masterfully performed, thrashing, heavy and blackened speed metal. Excuse’s debut full length is about to upset some prematurely compiled album of the year lists, and we’re psyched to be streaming one of its best tracks below. 

“Whereas the opener ‘Black Crystal Visions’ paints an abstract and [prophetic] image from [a] foreshadowing perspective,” write Excuse, “the second track ‘Blade of Antichrist’ rushes straight into uncompromising action as the preceding omen starts to unfold into a journey through the Occultic Cosmos.”


 “Blade of the Antichrist”


Get Prophets from the Occultic Cosmos on CD & vinyl formats August 2nd from Shadow Kingdom Records.