Video Premiere: Damn Your Eyes – ‘Ascension’


Don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with Damn Your Eyes. I mean, even Metal Archives has yet to list them. And that’s not because of latent hardcore, nu metal or hip-hop influences either, because Damn Your Eyes’ style is straight ahead American metal, with nods to everyone from Down to Alice in Chains and Phil Demmel-era (read: good) Machine Head.

Damn Your Eyes will release their debut album, Kill the Outside, independently on August 2, but before then co-founder Artie Alexander gives us the run down on, “Ascension,” the band’s first single and video from the record.

“I wrote this song while in a revolutionary state of mind. It’s more or less about how I’m fed up with the nonsense going on in our government, and I also wanted it to parallel the feelings of the colonies – in a subtle way – that were tired of the nonsense they had to endure under British rule. Overtaxing, overspending, buying elections setting the conversation in their favor, etc.  Patriots rise up against misrule. It’s about not eating the garbage the government is feeding us and doing something about it. Taking the power back to the people.”

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