Song/Video Premiere: Montreal’s Gorlvsh Get Wired and Weird

Combining the influential sounds of Converge, Death from Above 1979 and Lightning Bolt, Montreal’s Gorlvsh (pronounced “Gore-Lush”) is dead set on adding some rowdiness and weirdness to the sonic landscape. We don’t know if they are, as they claim, “Montreal’s sickest guitar-less band,” but from what we can tell they make a hell of a racket that combines math rock angularity, crushing metallic riffs, off-kilter rhythms and a few catchy hooks in there for good measure. 2017 saw them issue a demo and a split EP with musical soulmates, Offset. This summer will see the band make available their debut full-length, pegged to be entitled New City Vibe. Today, we present the band’s first choice for a single from that forthcoming record, the song and video “Wait for Me.” When we asked about the track, this is what the collective trio of drummer Noah Baxter, bassist Nick Boucher and vocalist Issac Ruder had to say:

“‘Wait For Me’ is a dramatic song built around the idea of decline and loss. The riffing oscillates between decadent groove and grind violence while the vocalist tries to fly over this rage and transforms it into supplication. Like our planned debut album-to-come New City Vibe, our single ‘Wait For Me’ is a title that relies on the massive power of the bass, a.k.a. Godzilla’s destructive dance, but also on a crazy and unpredictable drumbeat. The song is halfway between soothing clarity and violent moments that we like to keyword as ‘blasting of all expectations’.”


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