Blast Worship: NECROFEST!

Where’s it at?
Brooklyn, NY. Did you know that Brooklyn is New York City’s most populous burrough despite only being the city’s second largest geographically? According to Wikipedia Brooklyn has experienced a cultural revival in the first decades of the 21st century which has run concurrently with a decrease in affordable housing. Capitalism, it’s a hoot!

What is it?
Brooklyn has slowly developed into a hotbed for east coast grindcore, despite all the gentrification (or perhaps because of it) and so it only makes sense that the BK now hosts its very own annual celebration of all things fast, heavy and extreme, Necrofest, which will kick off in September and split it’s festivities between several Brooklyn hotspots such as Saint Vitus and the Brooklyn Bazaar. There are plenty of blast heavy bands on the bill including P.L.F., Heinous, Blame God, Couple Skate and Moisturizer, and will also feature underground wrestling matches in between band sets. If you live in, near or around the BK this is one fest not to be missed.