Video Premiere: Adrift – ‘Mist’

Spanish sludge crew Adrift have perfected the art of filth, as evidenced by new song “Mist,” pulled from new album Pure. The downtuned, bluesy riffs and pack-a-day vocals recall bands like Sleep, Electric Wizard and Dopethrone (the band) with flashes of Mastodon and Neurosis incorporated throughout.

“‘Mist’ is the most straight-forward track off our new record Pure,” write the band. “The track is built around the main riff and we worked on that groove by adding different elements on top of it, making it sound almost like a mantra, so to speak. We decided to pay tribute to classic heavy metal by adding a ‘classic’ guitar solo, which is something we have never done before in Adrift. As much as we like to write long songs with a lot of details and transitions, we believe it is important to write more direct and shorter songs as well, and even though this one almost hits the six-minute mark, it is still the shortest track on Pure. The lyrics deal with some kind of mist that traps the minds of the weak and tells the story of how these people struggle to escape from it. Expanding on the concept of Pure, this mist removes the soul from their bodies, covering them completely and thus making them become the same person.”

Pure is out May 31 on Temple of Torturous.