Track Premiere: Valaraukar “Visions of Truth Amidst Black Fume”


Scottish black metal duo Valaraukar formed out of the ashes of black-thrash outfit NNGNN (short for Nolti Nan Gana Nan Nolta) in 2018. Luckily, for metaldom, chief slayers Sovereign (drums) and Vagath (guitars, vocals) picked an easier — if only slightly — moniker for their new cosmically filthy black metal. That is: Valaraukar. Now, those in the know will probably pick the twosome’s new name as coming from Tolkien’s legendarium since Valaraukar is Quenya (Elvish) for Balrog, the Morgoth-aligned Maiarin that lived immortally — before they were vanquished by Ecthelion and Gandalf, respectively. OK, enough Tolkien nerd time. Today’s post is focused squarely, balefully on the Earth forms of Valaraukar.

Since their formation last year, Valaraukar quickly summoned a two-song demo in the form of Harnessing of Hostile Forces. Released digitally through Bandcamp, the songs “Hostile Forces” and “Conquering the Void” quickly caught the attention black metal hordes the world over. Namely, however, the blistering savagery of Valaraukar commanded the leadership at Iron BoneHead (Perverticon, Omnipotence) from the lands of westernmost Germany to bind the Scots to their burgeoning label. And so it was done, via steel chains, fresh blood, and dried flesh that Valaraukar officiated their fealty, for which we have new album, Demonian Abyssal Visions, arriving on the Summer Solstice to quench the light and bathe humanity in a veil of blackness.

So, denizens of the blackest metaldom your new favorite black metal band has arrived on the winds of Old Smoky. Bow down to Valaraukar’s “Visions of Truth Amidst Black Fume” now before it’s too late!

** Valaraukar’s debut album, Demonian Abyssal Visions, is out June 21st on Iron BoneHead Productions. Pre-orders are not up yet, but visit the label’s website (HERE) to order Demonian Abyssal Visions on CD or LP.