Track Premiere: Howling Sycamore – ‘Initiation’

The members of Howling Sycamore would surely bristle at the term “supergroup,” as such preconceived notions of what extreme metal is supposed to be are pretty much the antithesis what the band members are going for on their anxiously awaited new album, Seven Pathways To Annihilation (slated for release on June 21 via Prosthetic). Still, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that band’s collective resume boasts current and ex-members of Watchtower, Tryptykon, Hate Eternal, Ephel Duath for fucking starters in its ranks. The founder of the latter, Davide Tiso, provides some context on the record’s first single.

“I consider ‘Initiation’ the perfect track to introduce the second Howling Sycamore album,” says Tiso. “Among the most epic and adventurous songs in the lot, ‘Initiation’ features some of the guitar riffs I’m most attached to, like the guitar waltz mid song that I play over an insane blast beat by Hannes Grossmann. The song features a beautiful performance by Jason McMaster, I get goosebumps when he’s singing the double vocal melodies on the very last riff. ‘Initiation’ features also wailing guitar solos by Kevin Hufnagel who returns as a guest in this album, since our very different guitar playing styles match so well. Lyrically, I feel that the song has the same mood and colors of the stunning album’s cover artwork by Dehn Sora.

“As Jason McMaster sings, ‘Initiation’ is ‘an ode to dark times’ and I’m thrilled to offer it for you today, may it charge your day like a lightning.”

Pre-order Seven Pathways to Annihilation here.