Album Stream: Omnipotence “Praecipitium”


Veiled in dark secrecy since forming in 2015, Vancouver’s Omnipotence are now ready to unveil their debut full-length, Praecipitium, which translates from Latin to English as “Precipice.” Rooted in the sounds of mid-’90s — the earlier side — blackened death metal, Omnipotence are breaking the sonic framework established by Blasphemy by directionally pointing to Sweden. In fact, much of the Praecipitium feels like the unhallowed works of Dissection (The Somberlain), Marduk (Those of the Unlight), and Unanimated (In the Forest of the Dreaming Dead). Tracks like “Paths To Oblivion,” “Composite Forms of Sound and Thou,” and “Beyond the Boundaries of Being” yearn for the pre-Internet era, where bands were mysterious and their sounds of graven, if autumnal origin.

Says Omnipotence’s Facebook page: “Omnipotence strike at the fabric of time to circumvent and channel innate, inconceivable forces: indeed, the quartet encompass visceral omnipotence within the vast internal realms. Perpetually pursuing the path beyond external restraint, across Praecipitium do Omnipotence wield the mercurial strings, skins, and flesh that assail the sonic canvas of abstraction, manifesting composite forms of sound and thought through the dissolution of four carbon vessels.”

No truer statement on ’90s blackened death metal has been spoken since 1997. Bring on Omnipotence’s Praecipitium! Venture far away from the sun where the silence is nocturnal and the intent spiteful against an always in-motion set of stars, the worlds mirrored! Yes, we were there…

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** Omnipotence’s new full-length Praecipitium is out December 7th, 2018 on Iron Bonehead Productions. Pre-orders can be obtained directly from the band (HERE) or from Iron Bonehead themselves (HERE). A fronte praecipitium a tergo lupi!