Track Premiere: Wizard Rifle – ‘Rocket to Hell’

Photo: Wizard Rifle

Wizard Rifle make a lot of noise for a duo. The Washington/Detroit-based outfit came into being in 2009 and have released two full-lengths since, exploring noise rock, doom and stoner metal and psychedelia; their third LP comes in the form of a self-titled release. It picks up where last album Here in the Deadlights left off, deftly incorporating their various influence into a unique sound.

Don’t just take our word for it—hear from the band, then listen to new track “Rocket to Hell” to hear it for yourself. Wizard Rifle is out August 30 on Svart.

“‘Rocket to Hell’ is the first track from Wizard Rifle’s third full-length album, due out this summer from Svart Records,” Wizard Rifle tell Decibel. “This sonic stew encompasses all the usual elements of Wizard Rifle: gut-punching, down-tuned sludge punk riffs interwoven with psychedelic overtones and triumphant builds with vocal harmonies and dual yells. Lyrically the song is much like a hangover from a thousand-year orgy of global greed. It deals with the shortcomings of mankind and the individual in the face of the apocalyptic consequences of its self-created extinction. Take the ride; strap in and blast off to this seven-minute rager.”