Track Premiere: Francis Roberts – ‘Barrier of Light’

On May 31st, Akashic Envoy Records will release the latest solo effort from San Diego-based dark ambient/dungeon synth producer Francis Roberts. Titled Guardian Beast Sleeps, the new release will see a limited-run of cassette tapes, which are available for preorder now from the artist himself (digital version) and Akashic Envoy (physical). Roberts plays guitars and sings for prog rockers Old Man Wizard, and, as you can see from his personal Bandcamp page, he remains prolific in his solo endeavors. 

See Francis Roberts perform live this November in Seattle at Dungeon Siege West.

“I grew up consuming all manner of fantasy and sci-fi media and I think this project is the result of my inability to get all of the ideas and themes from those genres to fit neatly into my rock and metal bands,” says Francis Roberts. “Producing dark ambient and dungeon synth music has been cathartic for the artistic side of myself; I’ll sit and record ideas almost every day, and half an hour of that makes it really easy for me to spend a longer period of time arranging something more complicated or exhausting.

“Akashic Envoy Records has been kind enough to do a cassette release of my new album Guardian Beast Sleeps, and I’m excited to show it to all of my friends, new and old! My favorite part of writing instrumental music is naming the tracks, and I hope to give those of you who share my enthusiasm a sliver of a chance to feel like a kid opening a D&D manual or a pack of Magic cards for the first time.”

Barrier of Light

Video by Francis Roberts

Preorder Guardian Beast Sleeps now on cassette tape.

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