Watch: Pound – ‘x-.+.+.x-.+.x-.x-.+’

Photo: Neil Lim Sang

Seattle duo Pound—whose sound can best be described as a heavy fusion of mathcore, grind and Meshuggah-esque grooves—have unleashed their latest video for “x-.+.+.x-.+.x-.x-.+,” a song from their sophomore album •• (this symbol thing is a common occurrence).

The performance video highlights the duo’s musicianship—guitarist Ryan Schutte plays a nine-string baritone guitar and drummer David Stickney’s kit is actually a custom build combining two different drum kits. Together, there’s no need for a guitarist or vocalist; “x-.+.+.x-.+.x-.x-.+” is busy enough and already blowing minds as is.

•• is out on May 31 through Silent Pendulum.