Death manager Eric Greif in need of a kidney

Eric Greif (left) and Chuck Schuldiner (photo by Nick Matthews).

Eric Greif has given the metal world a lot. The tireless manager of Death has also worked as an entertainment lawyer representing bands like Obituary, Massacre and Anciients (he also has a history with Mötley Crüe, of all things). He’s done an incredible amount of work behind the scenes in extreme metal over the years, from organizing the Day of Death fest in 1990 to carrying on Death’s legacy after Chuck Schuldiner left us. And now, Greif needs some help.

In 1998, Greif’s mother gave him a kidney, but it has recently failed. Greif—who is an insulin-dependent diabetic—has put out a public request on Facebook that he needs a donor for a new kidney.

He needs someone who has type O (positive or negative) blood, is in relatively good shape and doesn’t smoke. As a donor, if you’re in the USA, you’ll need medical coverage for ongoing blood tests, and Greif will fly you up to Canada, where he currently lives, for the day of the transplant.

You can email [email protected] if you’re able to help Greif out by donating a kidney. Let’s do what we can to ensure this brother of metal—who has two teenage kids and, as he put it in his post, “loads to live for”—is able to keep banging his head for years to come.