Track Premiere: Yellow Eyes – ‘No Dust’

Yellow Eyes‘ Immersion Trench Reverie was one of 2017’s finest black metal albums, creating a cold-yet-thrilling atmosphere that left the listener feeling a sense of adventure. The same can be said of the band’s new album, Rare Field Ceiling. Set for a June release on Gilead Media, Yellow Eyes once again incorporate Siberian field recordings and unorthodox sounds into the album, like on first song “No Dust.”

“Each track title on this album is something that can protect you,” offers guitarist S. Skarstad. “Then the lyrics of the songs are hallucinatory sketches about the titles. The album is about trying to touch the ceiling, and perhaps the character here is trying to find it in the green and blue hallways of a flooded house.

“Will [Skarstad, guitar] came back from another trip to Siberia a few weeks before we went into the studio, and he brought home a new series of field recordings that became vital to the shape of the album. You’ll hear a fragment of that in this track, as well as a plucked zither-type instrument made by our bassist, Alex [DeMaria].”

Listen to “No Dust” below; Rare Field Ceiling is available for pre-order before its June 28 release.