Track Premiere: Ripped To Shreds – ‘喪家 (In Mourning)’

Just last month we premiered Eight Immortals Feast, the three song rehearsal demo tape by Ripped To Shreds. Today we are psyched to announce that Ripped To Shreds, in collaboration with Singapore ear-slaughterhouse Pulverised Records, will soon release a new mLP.

The new mLP, called 魔經 (Demon Scriptures), will count four more absolutely killer songs of Andrew Lee’s now-signature high-flying, grinding, Swedish-style old school death metal. Listeners can expect “魔經 to be full of dark Swedish melodies and grinding Gulfcoast riff destruction,” promises Andrew Lee. 魔經 also marks the debut of drummer Kévin Paradis, whose talents become obvious enough within a minute of jamming the first track from 魔經. Which track, conveniently enough, we’re streaming below.

“Hair is a precious gift from parents,” writes Andrew. “After their death, tradition states that you cannot cut it for 7 weeks while you’re in mourning. ‘喪家’ speaks to the putrefaction and depression that infects a mind on experiencing a death in the family.”


喪家 (In Mourning)


Mixed and mastered by Damian Herring, and featuring cover art from Velio Josto, 魔經 (Demon Scriptures) drops June 14th on Pulverised Records. Preorder it now.