Track Premiere: Axioma – ‘Cult of Moloch’

US post-black metal crew Axioma are striking back following their first and only other release, 2016’s Opia, with new album Crown, due for release on Translation Loss in June. If our first taste of the album, single “Cult of Moloch,” is any indicator, there is reason for excitement.

Combining hypnotizing tremolo-picked riffs with raw, expressive vocals and ritualistic lyrics, plus a dissonant second half, “Cult of Moloch” shows that Axioma have carved out a unique and recognizable identity for themselves.

“‘Cult of Moloch’ refers to the Ancient Canaanite god associated with human sacrifice (though this only one of the many ‘gods’ who required such a heavy toll of his followers; Cronus or Saturn, and Baal Hammon etc) the song and lyrics reflect the psychological need for humans to create and serve gods that kill, torture and control,” offers guitarist J Meyers of the song. “We create monsters, leaders and gods that give a sense of safety but ultimately we use them to advance our own selfish human agendas. This ties into the Crown album concept below.

“I’d like to think that the Axioma has always created music that exposes and rips away at the thin veil we cover our fears with. Nothing to us is freighting about these ancient gods, demons, monsters except the fact that we create them in our own hideous image. The band name itself is based on the Greek ‘Axiom’—’so evident or well-established, that it is accepted without controversy or question.’

Enter the “Cult of Moloch” now.

Pre-orders are live on Translation Loss’ website and via Hibernation Release for cassettes.