Video Premiere: Warforged – ‘Nightfall Came’

American progressive death metal outfit Warforged strike a fine line between melody and dissonance in their songs, combining technical prowess with dissonant, heavy grooves. On new song “Nightfall Came,” which hails from their upcoming I: Voice album, they lean heavily into both.

Starting with atonal, angular riffs and groovy chugs that transition into clean, reflective atmospheres for a brief respite before returning to death metal.

“The music plays as a stream of consciousness—jumping often from one area of the metal spectrum to the next with recurring melodies and vibes throughout for the purpose of bringing about an overwhelming sense of nostalgia,” Warforged explain. Since Essence Of The Land and Two Demons came out, we worked to build upon and elaborate on our musical style and mission statement. From what started as an idea of modern death metal with hints at black metal evolved into a more progressive, unique and ‘epic’ ethos. Horrifying & beautiful, dynamic & aggressive, harmony found through dissonance, an ebb and flow through drama and resolution, a flirtation with memory, a call for collaboration, personality and reality – immense emotional energy seamlessly woven within the death metal genre.”

Listen to “Nightfall Came” below and pre-order the record, out May 10 via The Artisan Era.