Full EP Stream: Nighnacht – “Christophilia”

Once the opening track “Vultures Feed on Me” comes smashing through the silence, and Don of the Dead’s demonic-vomit vocals invade your brainspace with unmatched hideousness, you know this is gonna kill! This is no minor thing, you must understand. The man behind one of the longest-running and most prolific extreme metal bands in the world has a new band. They call themselves Nighnacht.

According to Don of the Dead: “The metallists that created the music for Nighnacht have been jamming together for a few years in other bands like Mortem Dei, Decipher Script and Demonic Embodiment. We jammed a few times with some beer and booze and decided that we liked where it was going. When it came time to record the vocals I presented my vomitous delivery and it fit.”

Now Hells Headbangers will release Nighnacht’s debut 7”, Christophilia, in just three short days.

“The music has infectious and memorable arrangements with absurdly indelible titles,” says Don of the Dead. Meanwhile, we’ll add that while the 5 tracks that make up Christophilia are clearly the work of Nunslaughter’s mastermind, this work is more violent-sounding and more blackened than what we’ve come to expect from this man.


“This is not a one off release,” Don of the Dead warns, “we already have four more songs recorded and more on the way. Beware the night draws near!”

Order Christophilia now.