Video Premiere: West of Hell – ‘The Machine’

Modern heavy/thrash metal torchbearers West of Hell are riding high on the release of sophomore album Blood of the Infidel, which they released earlier this month. Today, they share the new music video for “The Machine,” which takes a futuristic lyrical approach to artificial intelligence and the role of technology in our daily lives.

“‘The Machine’ is about human beings relationship with technology and the emerging singularity,” West of Hell tell Decibel. “The human condition, the state of being alive is essentially the sum of our experiences and memories. The data collected and stored in our brains since birth. It would be a reasonable assumption that the internet as we know it is alive and self-aware. Every single server and connected computer acting as a neuron in a giant cyber brain. Considering that this entity would know everything about humans and our behavior, why would it reveal itself?

“Human beings are very much cyborgs already. Completely dependent on our smart phones and related technology. We have access to massive databases and can answer any question, can recall any photo or memory instantly. The animal brain, the human intelligence and now the digital brain.

“The video for ‘The Machine’ is a visual interpretation of the rise of the machine brain. The band itself is digitized and become pawns of the Titan digital overlord. Chris (Heathen) Valagao along with Joseph Klymkiw produced and directed a unique vision of our cyber overlord. VR, 3D modeling, pyrotechnics, extreme body modification, suspension and traditional cinematography all come together in an extraordinary way to tell the tale of humanities uncertain future.”

Blood of the Infidel is out now.