Track Premiere: Haze Mage – ‘Fire Wizards’

Photo: Shane Gardner

Baltimore doomsters Haze Mage look to old epics and tales of dragons, swords and knights with their forthcoming album Chronicles, due out April 19 on Grimoire Records. Combining the larger-than-life riffage of acts like Sleep, High on Fire, The Sword and, of course, Black Sabbath with larger-than-life fantasy tales, Chronicles is truly a doom odyssey. To make things more unique, Haze Mage have built a medieval fantasy world in which their albums take place, which leads us to today’s offering, “Fire Wizards.”

“Within the gloomy, medieval fantasy realm we have created, the Fire Wizards are an ancient order of mercenary pyromancers who lend their precise and destructive abilities to the highest bidder as the most powerful and feared conjurers in the land,” Haze Mage write to Decibel.

“As a song, ‘Fire Wizards’ represents elements that ignite us musically; big fuzzed out riffs, tempo changes, and wailing guitar solos. It’s a culmination of our collective songwriting styles and as a single from Chronicles, it serves as a call to arms to get you ready to ride into battle with us into the depths of a fiery haze.”

So drop out of life, bong or Lords of the Rings extended edition in hand, and follow the smoke to the land of “Fire Wizards.”