Track Premieres: Grind Free-Agents P.O.O.R. Release Four New Ragers

Back in 2013, I had just joined Decibel Magazine and was the baby-faced new kid in the coven. I was occasionally shy about my opinions back then. But when I heard Extinction of Trust from Californian grind enthusiasts P.O.O.R. (an acronym for Point Of Our Resistance) there was a part of me desperate to share it with any other blastbeat fiend I could find. If you’ve ever grinned at Napalm Death’s seminal Scum or marveled at a fleeting Nasum groove it was a must-listen. Soon after, I saw Decibel‘s Shawn Macomber write a piece discussing this very feeling in his post “The Grindcore Riches of P.O.O.R.”

Extinction of Trust…just so happens to be one of the great grindcore records of the last several years,” wrote Macomber, who has legendary taste. “Yet despite featuring members/ex-members of Fatalist, Dirty Dead, Decrypt, Stump, and Burning at the Stake, and a slew of gigs opening for such luminaries as Nasum, Rotten Sound, Exhumed, Phobia, and Fuck the Facts, this diverse, churning, creative slab of blast n’ roar still has not quite received its proper respect.”

Fast forward to today, and guitarist/back-up vocalist Neil Burkdoll (Fatalist, Dirty Dead, Whimsical) has good news: “After a few years delay, the second P.O.O.R. album, Glutton for Punishment, is finally finished and ready to be unleashed upon the world. At 27 songs, this album is a beast. Like our first album, Extinction of Trust, it has more hooks than a tackle box.”

That’s right: P.O.O.R. have a new record (Glutton for Punishment) ready to chop your brains into kibble. The thrust of maniacal punk remains, but there’s a more ferocious punch of death groove in these new offerings. The use of multiple vocalists creates the imagery of piling atop a blood-slick microphone as Burkdoll and Brad Vanderzee join Dylan Kuhn’s gruff snarls. While they’re searching for a label to promote the release, they sent a four-song appetizer to their Decibel comrades to satiate our riff-voracity.

Press play below and surrender to the pummel of P.O.O.R.’s prosperous grind. Label reps can give these bruising tracks a listen and reach out to Burkdoll at the e-mail address listed below the stream.

Labels can reach Neil Burkdoll directly at this e-mail address: [email protected]
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