Track Premiere: Incandescence – ‘Tomb Made of Flesh’

You may recognize Incandescence multi-instrumentalist Philippe ‘Tyrant” Boucher as the drummer in progressive/technical death metal heavyweight Beyond Creation, but since 2011, Boucher has also served as the musician behind black/death duo Incandescence. Joined by new vocalist Louis-Paul Gauvreau, the pair lean further into their death metal tendencies, dropping fat, dissonant riffs in between searing stretches of black metal.

“Tomb Made of Flesh” is culled from Incandescence’s upcoming record Ascension, which will be released through Return to Analog on March 15.

“We are proud to unleash our brand new song ‘Tomb Made of Flesh,'” Boucher proclaims. “This song is musically fast, aggressive, but also very melodic, melancholic and beautiful. From now on, you will understand that Incandescence shows its true nature!”

Enter the tomb below.