Full Album Stream: Pounder – “Uncivilized”

When he’s not dealing gruesome gore metal with Exhumed, Matt Harvey can be found ripping classic metal tunes with his new-ish group Pounder. Joined by lead guitarist Tom Draper (Carcass) and bassist
Alejandro Corredor, plus session drummer Gus Rios, Pounder capture the high-speed glory of trad metal with their first LP, Uncivilized. Adding a bit of polish from their 2018 Faster than Fire EP, Pounder find influence from speed and thrash metal as well, making a convincing case for the timelessness of traditional heavy metal.

“We’re very stoked for people to check the record out,” Harvey writes to Decibel. “We recorded it nearly a year ago now, so we’ve been dying to see what people think of it. It will be interesting, because the album has nothing whatsoever to do with our other projects, so hopefully people come in without expectations and just enjoy the record on its own merits. I think it stands on its own metallic merits, speed, power, emotion and balls. Check it out, turn it up, and enjoy the ride!”

Uncivilized is out February 22 on Hells Headbangers.

Tour Dates (w/ Gygax)
5/10 Seattle WA @ Highline
5/11 TBA
5/12 Oakland CA @ Elbo
5/18 Los Angeles CA @ Five Star Bar
5/19 Phoenix AZ @ Club Red*