Track Premiere: Novarupta – ‘Ourang Medan’

When Alex Stjernfeldt left post-metal band The Moth Gatherer, he chose to explore darker musical territory, thus creating Novarupta. Composed by Stjernfeldt and featuring a host of impressive guests vocalists including current and former vocalists for Entombed, Grave, Dark Tranquility and Domkraft, first full-length Disillusioned Fire is a diverse, dark adventure into sludge metal.

Domkraft’s Martin Wegeland performs vocals on “Ourang Medan,” which Decibel is streaming today. Stjernfeldt and Wegeland navigate through moody sludge that rolls in waves of intensity; Wegeland’s melodic vocals aren’t as extreme as some of the other contributions on the EP, but they successfully guide “Ourang Medan” through melodic waters, ending the EP on a high and memorable note.

“The song ‘Ourang Medan’ is like the ship,”  Stjernfeldt tells Decibel. “A haunting journey into the unknown! A long, painful and eerie travel. Let your mind flow free in the freezing winds into the obscure.”

Listen to “Ourang Medan” below; Disillusioned Fire is out April 29 on Suicide Records.