Watch: Vanishing Kids – ‘Heavy Dreamer’

Vanishing Kids and their new album Heavy Dreamer skate around easy classification. There are clear influences from doom (“Mockingbird”) and heavy psych (skip to anywhere on the album), but there’s also plenty of shoegaze and occult rock sensibilities thrown in for good measure and maximum weirdness. The album came out in late November, so you can listen to it here, but Decibel has acquired the video for the title track, which you can watch below.

The video leans heavily on the song’s ethereal, psychedelic qualities, highlighting music’s ability to take your mind to new places via a young girl who puts Heavy Dreamer on her record player and is transported into a colorful, ’70s-looking performance. The bright colors and trippy editing underscore the video’s theme while adding to the atmosphere of the Vanishing Kids’ music. Check it out; Heavy Dreamer is out now via Svart.