Watch: Cultic – ‘Forest of Knives’

Cultic first came to my attention because of the members’ other band, ritual ambient group The Owls Are Not What They Seem. The two groups share core members—guitarist/vocalist Brian Magar and drummer Rebecca Magar—but the similarities end there. Whereas The Owls’ compositions are atmospheric and sprawling, Cultic take their primary influences from the likes of Hellhammer, Celtic Frost and Winter, wielding a sound something like a cross between primitive death/doom and early extreme metal.

The best part about Cultic, however, is how they combine that primitive style of extreme metal with medieval war imagery, donning chain mail, hoods, cloaks and swords while riding on horseback in the video for “Forest of Knives,” their new song.

Combining theatrical shots with foggy live footage, “Forest of Knives” fully embraces its medieval aesthetic and fits what Cultic deliver on High Command, their debut album.

“Our forthcoming album High Command is an allegorical concept album set in a world rife with conflict, unchained power and deceit,” Cultic tell Decibel. “The song ‘Forest of Knives’ tells an archetypal tale of betrayal in the aftermath of war. This narrative can be seen throughout the video.”

High Command is out April 5 on Eleventh Key.