Track Premiere: Hate Force – ‘Into the Sea’

When he isn’t serving as the frontman for metallic hardcore tour-de-force Harm’s Way, James Pligge is delivering dystopian-themed, modern-sounding death metal with his bandmates (including members of Weekend Nachos and Like Rats) in Hate Force. There are certainly parallels to Harm’s Way, but Hate Force are their own feral beast.

“Into the Sea,” the second single from Hate Force’s upcoming LP, combines thick grooves with straight-ahead blast beats with total ease; one second, Hate Force are dropping mosh riffs and tearing through the song at high speeds in the next. Pligge’s vocals are a guttural roar, perfectly suited to match the sleek, destructive death metal doled out on “Into the Sea.”

“Hate Force originated in 2014 with two self-released demos,” drummer Andrew Brown says. “We finished writing this record in 2017 and reached out to Justin of Closed Casket about releasing the full-length. The debut album, titled HATE FORCE, is written around the concept of a dystopian future where the world has been reduced to ruin as humanity continues to give in to its most self destructive impulses.”

Check out “Into the Sea” below; the album is out February 22 on Closed Casket.