Track Premiere: Miscarriage – ‘II’

If Primitive Man, Carcass and Pissgrave had an extremely ugly, goregrind-obsessed baby, it would probably sound a lot like Miscarriage. The noisy duo is split between the United States and Sweden, beginning as a more straightforward grindcore group on releases like Disposed Abomination before disfiguring themselves into the crushing, doomy monstrosity heard on Imminent Horror. 

Splitting Imminent Horror across seven tracks simply identified by Roman numerals, Miscarriage dwell at the intersection of death/doom, goregrind and noise in a way that remains unsettling and gross without losing focus; it is an exhausting listen from a band clearly bent on pushing the limits of extreme music. Listen to “II” below and hear more via Sentient Ruin before it releases on February 22.