Track Premiere: Below the Frost – ‘Silence the Light’

From the lineup alone, it’s obvious that Below the Frost didn’t come to fuck around. Frontman Mike Score (of All Out War) is joined by bassist Michelle Eddison (ex-Starkweather), drummer Matt Byrne (Hatebreed) and guitarist Mike Usifer (Prime Evil) to unleash top-notch hardcore that reflects the best qualities of each member’s band and brings in fresh, outside influence.

“Silence the Light,” the first single to come from Below the Frost, is rooted in pulverizing metallic hardcore but the band members draw liberally from crust, doom and even black metal. Score’s vocals are cold and piercing, adding a dash of cold, northern darkness to the music while his bandmates deliver extremely-heavy riff after extremely-heavy riff.

“The purpose of this project was to utilize influences not directly captured in our other bands,” Score tells Decibel. “We have always been fans of dirty, slowed-down old-school metal and that influence is dominant in the style of Below the Frost.”

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