Track Premiere: Defying Decay – ‘Judas Kiss’

Bangkok-based alt-metal group Defying Decay aim to combine elements of bands like Deftones with a heavy low end and modern metal sensibilities on their latest single, “Judas Kiss.”

“This song was the first song we finished writing for the album,” explains main man Jay Euarchukiati. “The main riff was a riff that I had lying around for about 3 years. It was originally on a 8-bit sounding synth I’ve created with a Moog Voyager synth going through a pixilated bit crusher, Fuzz Factory pedal and octave pedal going through a guitar amp. With that being said it the working title work it was under ‘Nintendo.’ It was the first also that I decided to experiment with the electronics element heavily. With the vibes of electronic dystopia. urgency, aggression and mystery I’d say this is definitely something on the more heavy side of this album we’ve worked on.

“About the video this time I had the Idea of going with something a bit difference as I feel like a band performing in a music video is now kinda getting boring as we have a few of those. The video footage that we used was actually suppose to be for the narrative for our previously single “Ghost” but when it was done Me and our director Stuart thought it was too good on it’s own so we decided to keep it. And use it to make a short film which is ‘APEX’ and unexpectedly it won over 70 awards at film festival. We then later used it to develop a music video for Judas Kiss out of it. I’d definitely say it has a lot of inspiration form the early Nine Inch Nails stuff.”

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